Harvest 2014

After a mild, sunny, extra long growing season here on the North Fork, we’ve finished our 2014 grape harvest and we are excited to (eventually) savor the literal fruits of our labor. It’s been a rather mild year (other than the powerful winter we had) and, having already tried some partially fermented Gewurtztraminer and Chardonnay juice, I am pretty confident that this harvest will yield some of our finest wines yet. It will be a few years before we get to try the finished reds, but we’re all excited for the 2014 Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, among others. Most of the 2014 whites will be available next year, and we suggest picking up a case of the 2014 Pinot Gris when it’s released, while it lasts. Go ahead and get a case of Chardonnay too, for good measure.

  • -Derek G.
  • -Laurel Lake Vineyards

Preparing for Fall with our 2011 Merlot Estate.

We here at Laurel Lake Vineyards are gearing up for the busy Fall season, and we hope you all are too! We’re bottling new wines, cleaning the tasting room with vigor, and doing extra push-ups in preparation.

Autumn has always been lovely out here, but with the amazing abundance of new wineries, restaurants and breweries, we’re seeing an explosion of activity that we’ve never really seen before. Even though it hasn’t been an oppressive summer (quite mild actually) some nice cooler Fall weather is always welcome.

We recently rolled out our 2011 Merlot Estate which has always been a favorite of our loyal patrons, and should continue to be with newer visitors as well. It’s fruity and intense, but not enough to alienate our trusty fans. Our winemaker Juan has truly blessed us with a new soon-to-be classic, come down and try some!

Welcome to our new website!


Hello all! With help from our friends over at CarlMarks Media Group, we have a new, more updated website for you to browse for events, pictures, and online wine purchases! We’ve also added the option to sign up for our wine club through our website, for ease of use. Also we’ll be releasing new wines shortly for the upcoming Fall season, which is VERY exciting. It seems like it would never get here, but we stand on the cusp of another lovely Long Island Fall, and with it, new red wines!

Our tasting room will be open 7 days a week, 11-5pm during the week, 11-7pm on Saturdays and 11-6pm on Sundays. We have made our backyard a bit bigger, and have added more picnic tables. Our outdoor bar has been moved and sun sails have been put up to keep everyone nice and cool.

Of course every year from May until the beginning of November we’ll have live music and food vendors every weekend. It’s going to be great and we look forward to seeing you all here!